• Desserts

    Marble Cake

    Sometimes, there is nothing better than baking something special for absolutely no reason at all. I firmly believe that you do not need any excuse for cake whatsoever. Especially when it involves (dark) chocolate. I have baked…

  • Breakfast

    Poha – The Perfect Breakfast!

    This delicious breakfast/brunch dish is a must have at my house over the weekends. Poha, made from flattened rice, is available at all Indian grocery stores and extremely easy to cook. To prepare this delicious dish, Poha…

  • Appetizers

    Baked Brie Bread

    Crispy Bread and Gooey Cheese make all the difference. Forever and always!! I was introduced to this divine brie bread by my wonderful friend Teri. This brie bread is not just an outstanding addition to any dinner…