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Mediterranean Detox Bowl

Thanksgiving (followed by Holiday Parties) is almost here, like in less than a week and that marks the beginning of all sorts of gluttony. While everyone is busy preparing and shopping for the upcoming feast, I wanted to share something to heal the gut, while making our taste buds happy. The Mediterranean detox bowl is […]

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Wild Rice, Spinach and Mung Khichdi

Khichdi is a popular Indian comfort food that is made primarily with a mixture of rice and lentils. Unlike other comfort foods that are deep fried, loaded with cheese, bacon, sugar etc. khichdi is known for its cleansing properties and facilitating spiritual growth. It is a staple of an Ayurvedic diet; and is called the Ayurveda’s deepest detox […]

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Detox Smoothie

From Christmas shopping and house cleaning/decorating to attending and hosting the holiday parties, holiday season can get quite overwhelming. If you are looking to detox your body and revitalize your health, and if you can spare five minutes from your busy schedule, the following smoothie is your best friend! All you need is a handful […]

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