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Paneer Patties

You guys, with all the curveballs thrown at us by 2020, I really wasn’t sure if I’d be able post before 2021. But then these paneer patties happened and there is no way I was going to hold off on posting this super easy and delicious recipe that can be dressed up or down as […]

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Sweet Potato, Black Beans and Tahini Burger

Is it just me or does every one gets carried away at farmer’s market looking at all the fresh organic produce? Every week I walk in with a list of items and I come back with a LOTTT MORE than I went in for. It’s just irresistible to let go off those colorful fresh veggies […]

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Chicken Chickpeas Burger

Did you guys have an awesome weekend? I absolutely did! I had a wonderful weekend celebrating a beautiful princess’ first birthday, followed by delicious food, and scrumptious cake from the most famous cakes&cupcakes! For the days when you have already exceeded the carbs consumption of the week, this burger is your savior. Tender, juicy and packed with flavors, the […]

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