Welcome to Culinary Bee!!

Hi, I am Shazia a.k.a Culinary Bee. I am a Business professional, a self-taught cook/ baker and an aspiring health coach. I love to cook and eat. More so, I love to recreate my favorite food recipes with healthy substitutes wherever I can! One of my favorite stress busters is cooking while listening to music. I am yet to come across any food that is too hard to prepare at home.

Culinary Bee is created to share my obsession with food, desserts and fitness.  My goal is to inspire you to step into the kitchen, get a little creative with vegetables and any ingredients you have on hand. I intend to share with you anything that is worthy of making our taste buds smile and enhances our experiences in the kitchen.

My goal is to make the art of gastronomy less intimidating, more fun and healthy for everyone. On Culinary Bee, you’ll encounter my experiments of cooking variety of culinary delights – ranging from cakes and curries, to soups and salads.

I am based out of New York Metro and love connecting with fellow foodies or anyone who is interested in learning more about my recipes and healthy eating. You can also find me on Instagram, on Pinterest, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to share your experiences in the kitchen!!

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